Upper body training with Tim Martin

Training chest and shoulders with a natural pro bodybuilder.

Australian PNBA pro natural bodybuilder Tim Martin recently stopped by the Life Fitness/Hammer Strength showroom to take us through both a chest and shoulder workout. He’s just back from the US after placing fourth in the world at the 2016 PNBA Mr. Natural Olympia and winning the PNBA World Cup Pro-Am the week before, so you’d better believe he knows what he’s doing in the gym.

In this first video, Tim completes a chest workout consisting of bench press, dumbbell flyes and an isolateral incline press performed on the Hammer Strength machine.

Because many chest exercises will hit the shoulders and vice-versa, Tim sees no problem with training the two body parts together, at least some of the time. Tim’s workout routine is constantly changing, so he’s not on a standard one-body-part-per day split. He finds this is the best way to attack all angles and get the most bang for his buck when it comes to training upper body.

This second video sees Tim doing his shoulder workout, made up of seated military press, dumbbell front raises and a rear deltoid flye performed on the Hammer Strength machine.

For each workout, Tim starts with a compound movement, follows up with a dumbbell movement and finishes with an isolation machine movement,  a very effective way to train for strength and muscle gains.

Tim Martin’s upper body workout

Compound barbell: Bench press (chest), Seated military press (shoulders)
Dumbbell: Flyes (chest), Front raises (shoulders)
Machine: Hammer Strength isolateral incline press (chest),  Hammer Strength rear deltoid flye machine (shoulders)

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