Axiom Series

A comprehensive line of strength equipment. Inviting design and inviting exerciser functionality combine to create a strength line ideal for any facility.

Versatility Meets Eye-Catching Design.

A wide range of strength training equipment that adds a modern look and reliable functionality to any fitness facility.

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Single & Dual Exercise Machines

– Consistent low profile, stylish tower design that upgrades your facility’s appearance.

– High-end components create a smooth feel for exercisers

– Easy-to-follow instructional placards and QR code scanner ensure the product is easy to use.

– Accessory tray to store cell phones, water bottles and more.

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Dual Adjustable Pulley

– Centerpiece for individual workouts, personal training sessions or small group training.

– Inviting design with center positioned weight stacks has an open feel and narrow footprint.

– Comes standard with adjustable handles, ankle strap and triceps rope for limitless strength training options.

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Benches and Racks

– Numerous accessory and dumbbell storage options.

– Free-weight training, bodyweight training and proper stretching focused products

– A Smith Rack provides a variety of different training options with a convenient walk-through design

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Axiom Series features a low-profile, modern tower design that allows for clear sight lines across the floor and can upgrade the appearance of any facility.

Intuitive Functionality

Familiar biomechanics, easy machine setup and easy-to-read instructional placards with QR codes combine to make Axiom Series easy to use for any level of exerciser.

Crafted with Precision

Expertly engineered weight stacks, guide rods, pulleys and cables create a smooth feel for exercisers. Components are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards.

Axiom Series Dual Adjustable Pulley

This multi-exercise machine offers nearly limitless strength training options and a centerpiece for individual workouts, personal training sessions, and small group training.

Axiom Series Benches And Racks

Benches and trainers allow for free-weight training, bodyweight training and proper stretching. Racks offer workout versatility and provide ample storage solutions for easy exerciser access to dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls.


Equipment For Every Need

A wide breadth of strength equipment gives a facility the ability to choose fitness equipment that fits its needs.


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