Top 5 things on Netflix to watch while doing cardio

What are the most motivational programs Netflix has to offer?

Times have changed. No longer do you have to make do with whatever is on the gym’s TV screens while you’re getting in your daily sweat session.

Life Fitness cardio equipment now provides you with multiple entertainment and training options. Want to take your cardio to Tibet? No problem. Want a leisurely jog through Auckland? Done.

However, most exciting for a lot of people is that, with the Life Fitness Discover SE3 Console, you can actually login to your Netflix account and watch your favourite shows — all while you’re getting your cardio in.

This presents you as the exerciser with the opportunity to take advantage of this brave new world — not to mention your gym’s Wi-Fi!

Sure, you could just catch up on whatever show you’re currently bingeing. Or you could tap into Netflix’s most motivational movies to really get you through your session.

Here, in no particular order, are 5 of the titles available on Australian Netflix that might really get your primed and pumped for your workout.

Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

What’s it about?
The CrossFit Games is known as one of the toughest athletic events on the planets. This 2017 doco follows some of the athletes who have chosen to compete in these physically grueling challenges. Be inspired by the physical and mental strength it takes to get through each event.

What kind of session pairs well with it?
Try watching this while doing a HIIT session to really feel like you’re competing with the best in the world.

Coach Carter

What’s it about?

The inspirational true story of a basketball coach (Samuel L. Jackson) who suspends his team from playing because their academic results aren’t up to scratch. In the process, he teaches everyone that discipline, respect and a good work ethic are more important than winning.

What kind of session pairs well with it?

A low-to-medium intensity session, where you can hit the fat-burning zone and let the inspirational story sink in.

Born Strong

What’s it about?

Strongman is a sport all about, well, being strong — lifting the biggest, heaviest things you can imagine. This 2017 documentary follows four giants of the sport as they prepare to fight for the title of Arnold Strongman Classic champion.

What kind of session pairs well with it?

Watching this will get you motivated for your next weights workout, whether it’s coming up straight after your cardio warmup or happening tomorrow.

From Fat to Finish Line

What’s it about?

The journey of a group of 12 people dedicated to each losing 100 pounds (45 kg) and setting themselves the challenge of running a marathon. But not just any marathon, the long-distance Ragnar Relay.

What kind of session pairs well with it?

If you’re often struggling to get through your cardio or putting it off entirely, put this on the console and you’ll believe you achieve anything.

Pumping Iron

What’s it about?

The original and the best — the 1977 docudrama that shot the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger to instant stardom. Whether or not this tale of the 1975 Mr. Olympia competition and all the antics that went on — such as Arnold’s rivalry with future Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno — is completely on the level is beside the point. Simply witnessing the Golden Era of bodybuilding is enough to motivate you out of any slump.

What kind of session pairs well with it?

Set the speed to high and jog along — this film will have you champing at the bit to hit the weights room in no time.

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