Top tips for your aged care facility

6 tips for picking the best strength equipment for your aged care facility.

Strength training is a key component to aging well, and it plays a critical role in helping older adults build the necessary muscle and strength to maintain their health and to improve their functional capacity.

It’s a significant investment to fit out any facility with strength training equipment, so here are six features to look for when choosing exercise equipment for your aged care facility.

 1. Non-intimidating

Complex, hard-to-use equipment will tend to scare people away. Simple pieces that offer a self-contained resistance system with a low, consistent profile is more likely to feel welcoming to all exercisers.

2. No set-up adjustments

Choose equipment that doesn’t require any complicated manual adjustments prior to use. This makes it appealing and easy-to-use for new users.

Example: Circuit Series

3. Low starting resistance

Makes sure the equipment has low starting resistance levels, so that all users can enjoy an immediate sense of accomplishment. This is especially important for those new to strength training, which is critical for them to want to continue on their journey to improved health.

Example: Keiser Strength, SCIFIT

4. Small increment resistance adjustments

Choose equipment that offers small increment resistance adjustments because this will deliver measurable progress for all exercisers, continue creating that valuable sense of achievement, all of which helps to keep them motivated them to stick to their exercise routine.

Example: SCIFIT, Keisier

5. Equalised resistance

Some strength equipment lines offer consistent resistance levels across multiple pieces of equipment, which means your residents can select the same resistance setting on every machine, making workouts easier since they only have to remember that one number.

6. Push-button controls

Some exercise systems use handy push-button controls that are more user-friendly than traditional pin systems, with buttons positioned so users can change their resistance settings while in their exercise position.

The Circuit Series Strength equipment with its Lifeband Resistance System offers all these elements and more to ensure your residents enjoy their exercise experiences and remain safe and confident at all times.

Example: Circuit Series

To find out more about these and other lines of equipment that are specifically designed to make active aging easy for your residents, contact Life Fitness on freecall 1800 689 622 or contact us here.

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