Top 5 Deadlift Technique Tips

Do you know the correct way to perform a deadlift?

Deadlifts are one of the most important exercises you can perform in the gym — as long as you’re doing it safely and correctly. In this video, PT and bodybuilder Nathan Falcke takes you through his top five pointers for properly performing the deadlift so that you can hit your training goals.

Nathan’s top 5 tips for the deadlift

1. Work out your strongest stance

To do this, Nathan recommends jumping straight up and seeing where your feet naturally land. This will be your strongest stance from which to deadlift.

2. Keep bar as close to your body as possible

Get the bar to touch your shins as you set up for the lift. There’s a reason powerlifters wear those high socks!

3. Check your form before you start the lift: neutral spine, chest up, knees out
Setting up for the lift, make sure you’re not hunched over; you should have a neutral spine with your chest up. Engage your lats and make sure your knees are facing out. One cue you can use is to push your knees into your elbows as you set up.

4. Complete the lift with a hinging movement — it’s not a squat

Stand up from your strong starting position and lower the bar back down with a hinging motion. Lowering the deadlift is a hinge movement, starting at the hips, not a squatting movement.

5. Do not hyperextend at top of the movement

Engaging your glutes at the end of a deadlift is important; pushing your hips far forward or leaning back is not. If your technique is right, when you stand up, the bar should already be pressed up against your quads. No further extension is required.

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