Crossmember Options

Straight Bar

Power Rack Front Crossmembers


Power Rack Front Crossmembers

OffSet Bar

Power Rack Front Crossmembers

Monkey Bar

Power Rack Front Crossmembers


Power Rack Front Crossmembers


Half Rack/PowerRack Rear Crossmembers

Multi-Grip Bar

Half Rack/PowerRack Rear Crossmembers

Power Rack Rear Crossmembers

Hammer Strength Performance

Designed with features that provide unmatched structural rigidity and durability, including impact-absorbing bar catches, 3/4” hardware, Spider Gussets and high-wear paint

Customised Configurations

Create a performance strength training area tailored to your athletes by combining different rack, rig and storage options with a wide variety of accessories.

High-Intensity Interval Training

HD Athletic racks and rigs can be used to create a vibrant HIIT training area in health clubs.

Premium Appearance

Maximum versatility with minimum holes in the frame for a clean and attractive look. Four high-wear colors for uprights and cross member options, and standard Hammer Strength color choices for the frames.


77” x 65.5” x 97.5” (196 cm x 166 cm x 248 cm)

Live Area

101” x 120” x 102” (257 cm x 305 cm x 259 cm)

Unit Weight