Fitness in the age of social distancing

As we slowly exit the COVID era of intense social distancing restrictions in our fitness facilities across Australia, there remains adjustments in the way gym-goers approach physical activity in gyms, health clubs, PT studios, and boutique facilities. Personal exercise space is now considered valuable real estate in these covid-impacted facilities, which is why it is more important than ever to create more space in your club.

In recent research, IBISWorld – an industry and marketing research agency, revealed fitness facilities across the $2 billion industry found it difficult to recover between COVID outbreaks over the past 2 years due to social distancing concerns. It is clear people still are wary of COVID in facilities with large numbers of people. Despite this, there are now many innovative ways gyms owners can ease the social distancing and spacing concerns of their members.

We’re seeing now more than ever the increase in pod training in gyms, which involves working out in a personalized, socially distanced, closed off area – commonly using plexiglass to separate pods. This is an interesting concept but demonstrates how far gym owners are willing to go to keep their members feeling comfortable and safe. Pods may not be a viable option for your facility, however there are now new and innovative products in the market that can help open up floor space and put member’s safety concerns at ease.

An organized, neat, and spacious facility not only looks clean and professional but will also ease the anxieties your members may have about participating in classes with large numbers. Having multiple shared pieces of gym equipment scattered all around your group fitness studio will increase your members’ concerns for health safety. The solution to this problem is to reduce the amount of equipment used in classes. This will not only will make your members feel more comfortable, but it will also save on storage space and costs. A new and innovative fitness tool that can benefit clubs is the YBELL; a 4-in-1 fitness tool that combines a dumbbell, kettlebell, double grip medicine ball, and a push up stand in a single piece of equipment. The compact design provides low space commitment, making it easy for gyms, studios, health clubs to incorporate without sacrificing too much floor space. The multiple grip transitions eliminate equipment changes and streamlines the transition through each phase of the workout. It allows for unlimited exercise and workout variety with easy setup and clean up.

Many new and innovative fitness tools have hit the market and are boasting extreme efficiency by way of physical footprint, neat organization, and quick and simple transitions between exercises during classes. These are all key factors in helping make your members feel more comfortable in their surrounding space. FITBENCH is another one of these game-changing fitness tools that can provide your gyms or studios with an innovative, all-in-one product that not only creates individual workout stations for users but also opens up floor space and ensures the room remains organized and clean. FITBENCH comes stocked with commercial grade equipment stored underneath – including dumbbells, kettlebells, slamballs, battle ropes, and fitbands – perfect for group exercise classes and HIIT training, with all tools conveniently located at one’s fingertips. It also features a soft-closing, eight-position elevating top allowing for exercise variety, and can be used for box jumps and battle rope work. Its versatility allows for instructors and coaches to get creative in their programs, whilst keeping their members feeling comfortable in their own space and not having the inconvenience of walking across the room for equipment throughout the class.

In today’s day and age, the YBELL and FITBENCH are two options of space-saving fitness tools that can eliminate the hesitancy by members to get back in to the gym. All gym owners and instructors can use these tools to allow their group exercises classes to not only save space but to also be more streamlined, offer more variety, and most importantly be easy to set up and pack away.

All in one equipment is the solution.

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