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We already know the importance of physical fitness, whether it’s to guard against aging, obesity, heart disease, asthma or to improve your sleep. That’s not to mention feeling and looking better through improved muscle mass and cardio conditioning.

We also know that without exercise, our mental health can suffer.

This is a challenging time for the fitness industry. Now more than ever, it’s important for gyms to encourage members to keep to a daily exercise routine for body and mind health.

Extraordinary efforts are being made in the industry to maintain a connection with members to keep them motivated in achieving their fitness goals during this lockdown.

Gyms can stay connected through the online communities, apps and virtual at-home workouts they have already built; or share platforms other providers have developed. Everybody is working together and opening access to their online workouts to assist the health and well-being of fitness community worldwide.

By continually engaging with members, you’ll be top of mind once you re-open.

Digital Coach

In addition, Life Fitness has just launched Digital Coach, a new on-demand, at-home workout service.

Life Fitness wants to keep you connected to your members and keep them moving. We have created Digital Coach as a free virtual workout platform for you to offer to your members to help them stay motivated, keep on track with their fitness goals and keep their spirits high until they can get back into the gym.

Life Fitness Digital Coach works on any device through a web browser and includes a QR code for each workout, so you can scan it to your phone and take it outside.

Digital Coach features:

  • Free Workouts of the Day
  • Workouts for the gym or at home
  • Content updated daily
  • Easy access for anyone
  • Created by the Life Fitness Academy trainers
  • Works via any web browser on a computer or mobile device

Access is available for free and for a limited time!

Get started with your first Workout of the Day and connect with your members at

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