Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Glute Drive (PL-GLD)


The Plate-Loaded Glute Drive embodies the Hammer Strength standard for performance equipment. The Glute Drive allows functional movement for posterior power, so users don’t have to rely on barbells, dumbbell benches, or other devices to perform the movement.

The Glute Drive offers easy entry and exit, two-sided loading, and band pegs for variable resistance. The round back pad offers ease of use and enhances the range of motion, while the large, angled foot platform offers increased stability.

Four weight rods provide ample storage, band peg attachments are integrated on both sides of the work arm, and a dual-loop strap accommodates users of varying sizes for a comfortable lift off.

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Key features of the Plate-Loaded Glute Drive include:

  • Target the glutes with no extra equipment needed
  • Two-sided loading
  • Band pegs for variable resistance and explosive training
  • Curved back pads with spinal cord relief, to enhance comfort and maximise range of motion
  • The Line-X coated, angled foot platform to create a stable, non-slip surface
  • Four weight horns to ensure ample storage
  • Dual-loop strap to accommodates users of varying sizes for a comfortable lift-off without complex adjustments.
  • Superior Design for Superior Results

    Highly sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and years of collaboration with athletes and coaches ensure that every plate-loaded machine simulates the most natural, ergonomically-correct paths of motion...on and off the field.

  • Iso-Lateral® Technology

    Iso-Lateral® technology delivers the smoothest converging and diverging arcs of motion in the industry. This allows users to move both limbs at the same time, one at a time, alternating, or with different weights for each.

  • Advanced Performance Training

    Hammer Strength machines offer several standard and optional features depending on the piece. Standard weight horns allow weights to be stored on the machines for improved space efficiency. Standard rubber feet protect the base of the frame and prevent slipping.

  • Best Total Body Training

    Ground Base machines are movement based rather than muscles based, in that they work multiple muscle groups at once, for more total body training and functional benefits.

  • Safe and Controllable

    Ground Base machines offer a low starting resistance, and allow you to more closely replicate real life movements for sports specific or functional training in a safe, controllable and repeatable environment.

Product Specifications


Live Area

(D x W) 249 cm x 240 cm

Unit Weight

Max Training Capacity

585 lbs (265.4 kg)

Max User Weight

Distance from floor to seat pad

16" (41 cm)

Foot platform angle

15 Degrees

Storage Capacity

4-45 lb plates per Weight rod


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