• Colours brighten up a club, encouraging people into functional areas.
  • Range of storage options keep these balls safe and tidy when they’re not in use.
  • The small diameter is inviting, ideal for small hands or less-confident members.


  • Great for team workouts – increase the challenge by increasing the weight.
  • Soft covering is great for partner exercises and fast paced throws.
  • Adds to client safety as it’s shock absorbing to protect fingers during use.


  • Perfect tool to train speed, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Softer and more forgiving than traditional medballs.
  • Perfect alternative to rubber medballs and great for varying workouts.

Sure Grip Surface provides users with extra confidence when using the VERTMINI.

The smaller 1-5kg VERTMINIs are ideal for kids’ functional fitness, and can be used one-handed by adults.

Get members having fun with throws, catches and other challenges to keep them engaged.