Escape Vertball (VERT)


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Not all medballs are equal – our VERTBALLS have been designed to be thrown at speed.

VERTBALLS are a natural evolution of a medicine ball. They are a fantastic addition to sports-driven small group training and PT sessions where clients want to develop usable strength.

Grippy artificial leather outer, with a filling of cork, synthetic wool and treated pebbles

All equal in diameter 35cm.

ESCVBRACK sold separately



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  • High velocity training tool.
  • Varied weight range accessible for all users.
  • Evolution of the traditional medicine ball.


  • Perform basic and complex movements.
  • Great Group X tool.
  • Oversized design for optimal shoulder girdle alignment.


  • Vibrant colours for instant appeal.
  • Perfect for partner work.
  • Soft and spongy to reduce injury risk.


People assume that with a medicine ball the heavier it is the better, and that would be true if we were just lifting. However, throwing and catching with maximum force and velocity adds ‘time’ to the equation.

Even the lightest VERTBALLS require more concentration and focus to throw and catch than a traditional medicine ball.

  • All equal in diameter
    regardless of the weight.

  • Soft outer skin is
    constructed from 26 individually stitched leather panels to ensure the ball maintains its shape and flies straight through the air.

  • Oversized design
    encourages correct posture, keeping the core engaged and meaning the shoulder girdle is in a more stable and comfortable posit on for throwing and catching.

  • Accurate and consistent weight creates stability in the air when thrown with great force.

  • Outer material is synthetic leather with rubber granule filling to ensure ball does not break down over time.


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