Axiom Series Smith Rack (OP-SM)

The Axiom Series Smith Rack combines the beginner-friendly weight stabilization of a Smith Machine with the advanced options of supporting the Olympic bar. The slim design is inviting for all athletes

Key Features:

  • 45 lb starting resistance
  • 7 degree to match natural path of movement
  • Linear bearing for a smooth feel
  • Olympic Bar storage to secure the bar when using the Smith Machine
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Product Specifications

Product Code


Footprint (D x W x H)

56" x 73" x 88" (metric cm: 142 x 185 x 223)

Machine Weight

398 lb (180 kg)

Max Capacity

495 lb (224 kg)

Max Bar Capacity

5-45 lb (4025 kg) plates

Starting Resistance

45 lb (20 kg)

Product Videos

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