Insignia Series Hip Adduction (SS-HAD)

  • Ratcheting mechanism allows users to adjust start position in 10-degree increments.
  • Kneed pads and dual foot positions provide leg support and reduced torque around the knees.
  • Elevated weight stack is easily accessible from the seated position.


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  • Attractive and Inviting

    Eye-catching design combines with low-profile towers to create equipment that is appealing to all exercisers and results in an extremely inviting facility environment.

  • Ease of Adjustment

    Adjustment dials and knobs have large diameters and feature rubber gripping areas to make them easier to use. A bright yellow color makes every adjustment point easy to recognize.

    Seats can be adjusted with simple one-hand operation.

  • Smooth Motion

    Expert biomechanics create controlled, natural feeling motions that provide an enjoyable experience for users at all fitness levels.

  • Independent Motion

    Eight upper body units utilize independent motion to maintain equilateral muscle development as well as accommodate exercisers with physical limitations.

  • Instruction Made Easy

    Placards clearly depict what muscles are being trained, what adjustments can be made, and proper movement for each machine. The QR code/NFC connects LFconnect app users to a detailed video highlighting the correct use, and tracks their progress. Rep counter and timer make it easy for exercisers to keep track of their workouts.

  • Articulating Seats

    Counterbalanced articulating seats on Insignia Series equipment adjust at an angle to ensure optimum positioning and effectiveness for exercisers of all sizes.

Product Specifications

Product Code


Dimensions (L x W x H)

62.6" x 49.8" x 58.1" (159 cm x 126 cm x 148 cm)

Live Area (L x W x H)

62.6" x 73.8" x 82.7" (159 cm x 187 cm x 210 cm)

Product Weight

728 lb (330 kg)

Max User Weight

Weight Stack

305 lb (152 kg)




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