FDF E850 Upper Body Ergonometer (E850)

The E850 UBE is an outstanding upper body ergometer that offers versatility for standing or seated use. Suited to high use facilities, the E850 UBE is a popular choice for commercial gym and professional rehabilitation facilities.

The E850 has a fixed arm length and self-levelling ergo handles to ensure instant adaptability for high volume use and group fitness. The seat can be adjusted at the turn of a level and moved to the rear of the platform for standing usage.

Offering 10 levels of Fluid Resistance, the E850 UBE boasts FDF’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance, offering both forward and backward cycling for total muscle engagement. Designed for compound exercise of the upper body and core stability in standing mode the E850 upper body ergo is a highly motivating piece of gym cardio equipment.

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Bluetooth connectivity 

Auto start 

Time – Elapsed time

Level – Auto to selected resistance level 

Watt – Unit of power 

RPM – Revolutions per minute 

Power Graphs – 2 Options 

Heart rate – Polar compatible 

Calories burned per hour 


Product Specifications

Fluid Resistance

Vertical FDF Twin Tank – 10 levels

Product Net Weight

90Kg (196lb)

Product Gross Weight

110kg (242lb)


Live Area

L 2410mm (94.88”) x W 1370mm (53.93”)

Max User Weight

Arm Crank Height

Height adjustable from 715mm to 1245mm (28.14” to 49.05”)

Low Seat Height

540mm (21.3”)

Product Videos

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