Benjamin Alexis Miles Breaks Guinness World Record On ICG Indoor Cycle

Proving that records are no match for ICG Indoor Cycles, the incredible Benjamin Alexis Miles has set a brand new Guinness World Record for the longest time spent cycling on a stationary bike!

Benjamin set out to beat the existing record of 268 hours, 32 minutes, 44 seconds.

Over a period of 12 days in Spain, the incredible British athlete succeeded after riding for 277 hours, 20 minutes, 30 seconds on his ICG Indoor Cycle.

By the rules of the record attempt, every hour on the cycle earned Benjamin five minutes of rest. This allowed him to take longer rest periods when he needed to.

“My first day was quite difficult,” Benjamin told the Guinness World Records. “Before the event, I’ve not relaxed at all.  With nerves and stress, I wasn’t sleeping so well. I’m now going to try and go 72 hours without sleep. This will allow me to bank six hours to rest during these 12 days, and I’ll be able to sleep a decent amount of time.”


In addition, he had to keep a certain pace in order to beat on track to beat the existing record. This meant he had to complete a distance of 5km every 15 minutes. His team made sure he was reaching all the benchmarks to stay on track.

Beginning his record attempt on June 5 — World Environment Day — Benjamin’s aim was to raise awareness around environmental issues.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” he said after the event was over. “Every fibre of my being was looking for an excuse to stop. It’s only me on a bike, but there is a team of people behind me who are incredible.”

He wants action from the public and the media to promote initiatives around recycling, such as Cycle to Recycle.

Not only did he break the record, after his ride was over he proposed to his partner — and she said yes!

It just goes to show that records are meant to be broken with ICG Indoor Cycles.

Image from Guinness World Records.

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