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InMovement is on a mission to return movement to the modern workday, prioritising human health in order to drive a stronger business. Our DT2 Stand Up Desks, Treadmill Desks and services are designed exclusively to unite productivity and well-being. By blending healthy behavior with daily job function, we can remove the barriers to workday movement and improve physical well-being, reduce aches and pains, and increase energy.

InMovement’s core suite of products includes the Elevate DeskTop™ DT2 of adjustable height stand up desks, the InMovement™ TreadMill Desk, and the Integrate™ line of workplace accessories such as anti-fatigue mats and calf blocks. 

To complement its line of innovative products, such as the DT2 Stand Up Desks, InMovement provides customers with a comprehensive education curriculum that helps employees understand the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and the importance of how small movements can lead to big change. The company also coordinates the necessary stand up desk delivery, installation and employee training, working with business leadership to support culture change initiatives that reinforce total workplace adoption. 

“You shouldn’t have to choose between earning a living and living healthy—you can do both. We’ve created options and support services with stand up desks that will re-engineer the workplace and create a happier, healthier and more productive environment.” Adam White, InMovement Australia Brand Manager

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Ugly Truth Stand Up Desks


89% percent of office professionals spend most of their time in the workplace, where they sit for hours on end.

Health Benefits For Stand Up Desks


Promoting a positive office culture can be a challenge when movement isn’t encouraged.

Benefits Of Stand Up Desks


Even office professionals with traditional fitness perks like subsidized gym memberships haven’t escaped the weight-gain trap.


A sedentary workday is linked with weight gain – and the health problems that come with it.


Employee Retention

95% of office professionals would be more likely to stay longer if their current company offered a movement-enabled workspace.


Employee Recruitment

94% of office professionals would be more likely to accept a job with a company that offered a movement enabled workspace.