Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
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Our installers had to get creative today in Alexandria, VA. The #LifeFitness #flyingcrosstrainer is safely in its new home.
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#LifeFitness #WednesdayWisdom
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Who Am I? Life Fitness Academy (LFA) trainers deliver exceptional standardized fitness education, accredited by global certifying bodies, around the world. LFA offers a wide range of educational products including live, web-based and on-demand learning. Click here for more information:
22 April at 03:56 1
Can you guess the year of this #HammerStrength Clinic? #FlashbackFriday
22 April at 01:45 4
Spotted: #LifeFitness installers aboard the JS Ineos Independence tanker vessel which was docked at Sunoco Hog Island in Philadelphia.
21 April at 05:52
We are celebrating our 25th year of hosting #HammerStrength Clinics all across North America. In May, we are returning to the city that started it all, Cincinnati. Learn more about our silver anniversary clinic agenda and register here:
20 April at 07:30
#WednesdayWisdom #BuildingChampions
20 April at 07:03
#LifeFitness #WednesdayWisdom
20 April at 05:00
Proud to have worked with EKU Colonels on this state-of-the-art facility. Thank you for trusting in #HammerStrength. Read more and view photos of the facility here:
19 April at 02:30 5
Introducing ICG Connect. Your connected cycling experience. ICG Connect is a digital platform created to deliver data-visualization and gaming to unite riders by tracking group performance, providing team competition and rewarding group leaders whilst celebrating individual achievement. This new software is designed to work with the IC5, IC6, and IC7 Life Fitness Indoor Cycles Powered by ICG. Learn more here:
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Stop Shin Splints before they stop you. Read our latest #LifeFitness blog post here:
13 April at 06:45
#WednesdayWisdom #BuildingChampions
13 April at 06:30
#LifeFitness #WednesdayWisdom
13 April at 01:09
Spotted: #LifeFitness installers with an early morning delivery at our corporate headquarters just outside Chicago.
12 April at 06:41 1
Life Fitness Academy trainer Marc Rohde co-authored a German book on Functional Training. Athletes from over 20 sports shared their own personal functional training exercises. All exercises were shared and demonstrated on a #LifeFitness SYNRGY group training unit. Marc and his other authors debuted the book last week in Cologne, Germany at FIBO - the leading international trade show for fitness, wellness & health.
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Possibilities are endless when you train on the #HammerStrength HD Athletic Perimeter. Learn more:
11 April at 07:11
Thanks to Coach Chris Fee and Sacred Heart University for hosting this past weekend's #HammerStrength Clinic. Also, a BIG thanks to everyone who was in attendance! Here Coach Fee is about to share his three exercises to help athletes prepare for the "catch" of a clean. #safetyfirst #BuildingChampions
07 April at 02:38
Magnificent photo from a #HammerStrength loyalist. #BuildingChampions can happen all over the globe and in & out of the gym.
06 April at 02:45
#WednesdayWisdom #BuildingChampions
05 April at 01:45
“I’m excited that this weekend's #HammerStrength Clinic is being hosted by Sacred Heart University. We have some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the industry presenting on a variety of topics designed to make our profession and coaches better.” - SHU Assistant Director of Athletics for Strength and Conditioning Chris Fee. Click to register and see the full speaker lineup on April 7 and 8: