Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
23 hours ago
Nice comments by coach Moffitt and a great tour of LSU's gleaming new monument to performance training. Thanks coach!
1 day ago
Everyone loves a good HIIT workout! Our #LFAToTM, Susane Pata, shared one of her favorite routines on today's blog, and helps to explain the difference between moderate intensity performance and high intensity performance. Try out Susane's workout and let us know what you think!
12 October at 12:40 9
Introducing our October LFA Trainer of the Month, Susane Pata! We're excited to highlight Susane this month and share her fitness tips and workouts with you. She's a group fitness instructor in Manhattan and helped TRX suspension design its first fitness program! Check out our blog to learn more about Susane: #LFATotM
09 October at 09:55 8
The National Strength and Conditioning Association chose the best for its facility.
07 October at 05:44 1
04 October at 23:49 10
The impressive athletic training facility at Arlington High School is filled with Hammer Strength equipment. Kick 'em Colts!
01 October at 07:29 15
Our #LFAToTM Rachel loves spending time with her pup, Rocky, and sometimes even sneaks in a quick workout with him - he even has his own FitBit! Check out her leash and bench workout for tips on how you can get in a workout while walking your dog. Do you go for runs with your dog? Let us know if you have any fun tips to share! And, thanks to our wonderful September LFA Trainer of the Month #LFATotM, Rachel Glew, for the workout tips she's provided all month! Stay tuned for October!
30 September at 02:19 8
Our SYNRGY360 uses functional movement patterns that make sense for anyone at the gym. Our LFA Trainer of the Month, Rachel Glew, has the perfect routine that uses the whole system in a workout that lasts under 30 minutes! #LFATotM
30 September at 01:07 7
Germany's Fit One creates great spaces for performance training. This Hammer Strength rack is ready for a workout.
28 September at 06:07 11
Attention travelers: add some variety to your workout with a deck of cards! Our #LFAToTM, Rachel Glew, shares how you can use suits on the cards for a fun, spontaneous workout.
28 September at 00:58 10
The Aztecs are committed to training with the best. San Diego State University Athletics #hammerstrength
25 September at 01:37 2
It's nice to see one of the best college football players in the country giving back and helping others. Stanford Football benefits from Christian McCaffrey both on and off the field.
24 September at 05:24 8
Here's your Friday Workout: 500m Row as fast as possible ‍♀️ 175 Watts @ 100 RPM for 5 mins Cross Trainer Intervals @ L14 for 10 mins. x 2 Rounds #HIIT #Cardio #LifeFitness #Sweat #fridayfitness - Workout from our #LFATotM #LFATotM @strength_motion
23 September at 01:48 6
Hammer Strength helps to outfit LSU's state-of-the-art facility. Geaux Tigers! (Photos courtesy of Chris Parent/LSU Athletic Department)
22 September at 04:00 2
Looking for a bike workout? Our #LFAToTM, Rachel, shares her Lifecycle Intervals routine. Added Bonus: A tip on what RPM measures for better understanding of how your machine is working for you!
21 September at 08:36 1
The football weight room for the Miami Hurricanes
02 September at 09:22 21
It's the beginning of September, which means we're excited to introduce our next Life Fitness Academy (LFA) Trainer of the Month! Rachel Glew is from Letchworth Garden City, England and is going to be sharing custom workouts, fitness tips, and more this month. Get to know more about Rachel >>> Don't forget to check back later this month for more updates! #LFAToTM
01 September at 08:36 16
Life Fitness is pleased to announce that Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) has joined our family of brands. With this new line of indoor cycling bikes, we’ll expand our group training offering to provide a full portfolio of options for our customers.
01 September at 00:08 4
Where readiness is the key to survival, #LifeFitness provides the solutions to give first responders tactical strength and conditioning. Learn more about the solutions we provide: