Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
21 hours ago
Bump up your training with #HammerStrength.
23 hours ago 3
There are many calorie-burning opportunities hiding in your daily routine.
2 days ago 3
Enjoy your long weekend without feeling like you've completely foiled your fitness plans.
3 days ago 2
Loving this view! A peek inside the San Diego State University Athletics weight room, decked out in #HammerStrength.
4 days ago 7
You're just four simple steps away from mastering your rowing technique.
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5 days ago 6
So, exactly how important is the time you spend on a treadmill or cross-trainer each week?
7 days ago 10
#LifeFitness is proud to be on board Royal Caribbean International's Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world! Get a full-body workout in while you sail the seas.
21 May at 01:27
Take a virtual walk through USC Trojans weight room by way of our Facebook album: Thank you, USC Athletics, for trusting in #HammerStrength!
21 May at 01:14 3
The silver lining to this dreaded household chore is that it can easily be turned into a workout. How's that for multitasking?
20 May at 00:16 10
#NationalFitnessMonth continues: This week we're shining the spotlight on Life Fitness customer Jackie Rothman, Co-Owner and Trainer at Anytime Fitness. Her message of empowerment and support is key to her clients' success. "I have to believe in them as much as they have to believe in me." Keep it up, Jackie! #LifeFitness
19 May at 04:00 5
The #LifeFitness Row HX Trainer strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility while providing an effective, low-impact total-body workout.
19 May at 00:01 1
Calling all yogis! (via Modernize)
18 May at 07:20 2
Here at #LifeFitness HQ, we're always looking for new ways to stay active during the work day. Today we hosted a Treadmill Desk Walk-a-Thon: an easy-yet-fun way to get our steps in during the work day. Even better? We walked over 97,000 steps as a team from our Chicagoland offices! #Teamwork
17 May at 01:51 2
#HammerStrength precision-quality bars offer more than a dozen choices to meet your exact weight training requirements. (Photo: @martypritchett)
14 May at 07:03 1
Grab your training partner and start the weekend strong. #HammerStrength (photo: @janiben)
12 May at 07:40 1
The NBSCA Continuing Education Conference is THIS WEEKEND. Have you reserved your spot?
10 May at 07:17 2
SJ Green of the Alouettes de Montréal putting in some hard work on #HammerStrength. (Photo: Impact Fitness)
06 May at 15:29 1
#HammerStrength as far as the eye can see. This is the football training facility for Boston College Athletics
06 May at 01:02 15
Hammer Strength has been building athletes with American-made equipment for more than 25 years. With that legacy comes responsibility—and our factory personnel live up to it each and every day. Watch now to see the work that goes into every piece of #HammerStrength equipment.