Signature Series Accessory Storage Rack

The Signature Series Accessory Storage Rack accommodates a variety of training accessories to help keep facilities well organised and is the perfect pairing for any training space that makes use of accessories.

Keep your classes and training programs going smoothly with the proper organization and all your accessories close to your exercise hub or stored neatly away to open up more space.

Signature Series Accessory Storage Racks are suited to fit any space. From a small hospitality space to a large fully functional facility, these racks will save you space and time.

Signature Series Accessory Storage Rack accommodates a variety of training accessories, from Bosu balls, beauty bells, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbells, exercise balls, foam rollers, resistance bands and more.

Accessories not included with Signature Series Accessory Storage Rack.

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Product Specifications

Endurance Rack

Dimensions (L x W x H): 171 x 66 x 171 cm Weight: 107 kg 

Product Videos

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