Natural Feel: the Fluid Technology resistance system provides the instinctively smooth motions that Life Fitness products are known for.

Real On-Water Rowing: Fluid Resistance provides rapid engagement at the beginning of the pull-through; and then throughout the stroke maintains a power curve that more truly resembles that of rowing on water.

Fluid Technology Resistance System: 16 levels of resistance at the touch of a high visibility lever, from feather light, to full-on Olympic workout. A rowing machine should only offer resistance during the power phase of the stroke, so our rapid engagement clutch provides instant “catch”, and releases at the finish similar, enabling the system to rotate freely during the recovery phase.

Versatility: the Row GX features variable resistance and is built to accommodate all users, which makes it easy to incorporate any fitness program or facility. Compact and easy to move in and out of group training areas, and it can be easily stored standing up to save space.

  • Workout detail display, including time, distance, strokes per minute, 500-meter split time and more
  • A concealed seat track for a cleaner, smoother and safer operation
  • An ergonomic handle that minimizes strain on hands, wrists and arms
  • A commercial-grade design that can withstand high-traffic environments
  • No high maintenance noisy chains and fans upsetting other gym users; just the tranquil sound of the swooshing of water within the sealed tank as you workout.
  • A 77-inch (195cm) length, giving it a small footprint and making it one of the shortest rowers available
  • Robust, low maintenance, sealed twin tank. 
  • The tank’s water content is 8 litres, and clear calibration line ensures accurate filling. Puri-tabs are provided to prevent any bacterial or algae growth within the sealed tank system.



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Fluid Resistance Technology


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