Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
12 hours ago
When it comes to weight training, don't be afraid to take things slowly to build up your confidence and ability. In this video, PT and competitive bodybuilder Nathan Falcke shares the most valuable lesson he has learnt about training. #HammerStrengthAu
2 days ago
Our racks are always ready for a workout. Create great spaces for performance training with Hammer Strength Australia. Learn more: #HammerStrengthAu
3 days ago
Drop sets are an intensity technique for weight training that can be used with almost any exercise. They’re simple to use but can bring massive results for your fitness goals, especially if you’re looking to gain muscle. To learn more about drop sets, have a look at our latest blog below. #HammerStrengthAu
3 days ago
Want to change up the way you train your legs to target a different area? In this video, WFF Pro Division Mr. Universe 2016 Robert Borgonha WFF Pro demonstrates a unique variation for using the leg press to focus on building muscle in the glutes and hamstrings, as well as the quads. #HammerStrengthAu
5 days ago
We all have the potential for greatness. It just requires focus, hard work and determination. #HammerStrengthAu
13 October at 15:22 1
When you're new to training, it can be hard to know where to start with your workouts. In this video, PT and competitive bodybuilder Nathan Falcke goes over his quick top tips for beginners wanting to set themselves up for success in the gym. #HammerStrengthAu
12 October at 13:29
Adam White from the Hammer Strength Australia team was at Ballarat Body and Soul 24/7 Health and Fitness studio for their open day. Here he is giving the prize to the winner of the Sparc challenge, Sam Smith. Well done to Sam and to Ballarat Body and Soul for their success.
12 October at 09:30
This is the place where it happens. Let's go. #HammerStrengthAu
11 October at 13:55
From the blog: New research has highlighted that our performance when we exercise is better when we do not have to pace ourselves. This research may have implications for other types of training and exercise, as it appears we work harder when we don’t know there’s a time limit. Read more at the link below. #HammerStrengthAu
10 October at 11:11
Understanding the correct technique for each exercise you perform in the gym is very important for getting the most out of your workout. In this video, Life Fitness Academy Global Master Trainer Gavin Aquilina takes us through some top technique tips for the Hammer Strength chest press. #HammerStrengthAu