Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
3 days ago
Hammer Strength Australia's HD Elite is the most durable rack line, built for ultimate customisation and extreme training conditions. So you can just focus on your determination and lift with security and safety. For more information, check out: #HammerStrengthAu
4 days ago 1
Only select facilities have the prestige of being an Official Hammer Strength Training Centre. Your location too can earn this status with a line-up of 12 or more pieces of Hammer Strength Australia equipment (10 x Plate-Loaded + 2 x HD Racks). Join an elite group of facilities that have chosen to offer the best. Get in touch to discuss your club's options: #HammerStrengthAu
6 days ago
Equipment such as the Hammer Strength Australia Select line are ideal for finishing off a body part workout with an isolation movement. In this video, Life Fitness Australia Academy Global Master Trainer Gavin Aquilina takes you through the Hammer Strength Select Biceps Curl. For more information on this piece of equipment, visit #HammerStrengthAu
15 July at 12:40
It really pays to stay active! Recent research has found that a lifetime of exercise keeps the body young and healthy, concluding that physical activity helps maintain muscle mass and strength into old age, as well as warding off damage to the immune system. Read the full story at our website. #HammerStrengthAu
12 July at 13:35
The exercise blueprint for a healthy brain in old age: • Type of exercise: Weights • Frequency: At least twice a week • Intensity: High That's the finding of recent research fromt the University of Sydney has found that increasing physical strength can improve cognitive function. Read the full story at #HammerStrengthAu
10 July at 12:59
A great training tool for the athletic market, the Ground-Based Jammer allows you to train explosively and functionally. Ideal for training movements in team sports such as football or rugby, the Ground-Based Jammer can also be used for more general resistance training, allowing for both unilateral and bilateral movements. For more information, check out #HammerStrengthAu
09 July at 11:51 1
Congratulations to Smick Health & Fitness in Moe, Victoria for gaining the prestigious Official Hammer Strength Training Centre title. Well done Chrissy and Mick — welcome to the club! #HammerStrengthAu
08 July at 10:58
Where the great get strong. Repost from Hammer Strength via @rossalexanderparr #HammerStrengthAu #buildingchampions
05 July at 13:54
Save time and prevent training plateaus with a full body workout. In this article from our website, we list 5 reasons to add a full body workout to your training regime. #HammerStrengthAu
03 July at 12:14 1
Hammer Strength HD Elite Racks are built after their namesakes — the elite. And they’re put to the test to endure everything elite athletes can throw at them. HD Elite equipment is not just for athletes: they are built to endure performance strength training from individuals to classes that want to turn their training up a notch. For more information on the HD Elite range, visit #HammerStrengthAu