Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
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If you can think of it, you can do it. #HammerStrengthAu
3 days ago
Take your performance strength training to the next level. Hammer Strength Australia's HD Elite Racks are built to endure the toughest training conditions. Modularity makes it easy to customise a HD Elite rack system to fit your facility and training options can be added over time as your training needs grow. For more information on the HD Elite Stand Alone Racks, visit #HammerStrengthAu
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World Gym Southside, the first World Gym Australia franchise to open in QLD has partnered with Life Fitness Australia since its opening in 2012. Its owners, Travis and Julieanne, offer a first-class gym with the best in fitness equipment and group exercise programs for its Southside community. View Part 1 of our club review of World Gym Southside, where the team discuss their love for training, quality equipment and building a strong community. Stay tuned for Part 2 in the coming weeks! #HammerStrengthAu #LifeFitnessAu #worldgymsouthside
12 March at 13:15
Here's a quick one to throw in to your arm workout: dumbbell curls performed against the rack. In this video, PT and competitive bodybuilder Nathan Falcke IFBB talks about time under tension for best results for your biceps. #HammerStrengthAu
11 March at 13:20
Have you ever considered creating your own home gym? Even if you’re already a member of a health club, a home gym offers the perfect complement to your training routine. Having fitness equipment in your home is a great way to keep your health top of mind. Hammer Strength Australia and Life Fitness Australia offers premium home gym equipment with the exerciser in mind. Here’s our guide on how to get started. #HammerStrengthAu
08 March at 11:05
The Hammer Strength Australia HD Athletic Bridge is a performance strength training setup that maximises space. Olympic-training and storage options are connected by an overhead bridge, making it ideal for group training. You can build and customise equipment based on your facility’s space, budget and training needs, while also creating a challenging and immersive environment to inspire your members and build a sense of community. For more information on the HD Athletic Bridge, visit #HammerStrengthAu
07 March at 11:28
For added strength or HIIT cardio training, you can add products such as the Cybex International, Inc. SPARC or the Life Fitness Australia Row GX Trainer to the Hammer Strength Australia HD Athletic Bridge, Perimeter or Rig. This will make your group training area even more versatile for your members. For more information on the Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rig, visit #HammerStrengthAu
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Be unstoppable this week. #HammerStrengthAu
28 February at 12:30
Farmer’s walk: Grab some dumbbells that are just heavier than you could comfortably curl. Hold them straight down at your sides and, simply, walk around the gym. Improve your grip with this and more exercises at our website. #HammerStrengthAu
27 February at 10:55
Dumbbells need to be able to perform and stand up to the abuse thrown at them. The Hammer Strength dumbbell has the heads, plates and handles permanently welded together, resulting in a dumbbell that can sustain dynamics movements. Hammer Strength dumbbells are part of the new accessories range. For more information, visit #HammerStrengthAu