Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
2 days ago
Ten minutes a day of high-intensity exercise may be beneficial for children, study finds. Research out of the US has found that replacing low-intensity exercise with brief periods of higher-intensity or vigorous physical activity may be beneficial for the health of young people, particularly when it comes to their risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke later in life. Read more at our website. #HammerStrengthAu
3 days ago
Do you use the Hammer Strength Australia assisted chin-up and dip machine? In this video, trainers from UFC GYM Wetherill Park demonstrate the best way to perform chin-ups to challenge yourself as you become more advanced and target different muscle groups. For more info on the Hammer Strength Assist Dip Chin, visit #HammerStrengthAu
5 days ago
New research out of the US has found that a sedentary lifestyle impacts long-term health more than smoking, diabetes and heart disease. Read the full story at our website: #HammerStrengthAu
6 days ago
It's the start of a new week and a new opportunity to put in the work and make yourself proud. #HammerStrengthAu #mondaymotivation
15 February at 14:37
When it comes to weight training, don't be afraid to take things slowly to build up your confidence and ability. In this video, PT and competitive bodybuilder Nathan Falcke shares the most valuable lesson he has learnt about training. #HammerStrengthAu
13 February at 10:00
Are you progressing today? #HammerStrengthAu #wednesdaywisdom
12 February at 10:15
The most dangerous kind of body fat isn’t the kind you can see in the mirror. The fat that causes the most health concerns is deep abdominal fat that surrounds the internal organs, commonly known as visceral fat. New research from the United States has looked at the best way to target this kind of body fat. The verdict? Exercise. Read the full story on our website. #HammerStrengthAu
11 February at 12:00
What do you when you’ve only got enough time for a 20-minute workout in the gym? One method is to complete a quick superset routine pairing opposite muscle groups, such as in this full arm superset from fitness model, coach and dietitian Health Man Mark. He pairs exercises that work his biceps and triceps to make the most of a short workout. #HammerStrengthAu
08 February at 12:20 2
For a variety of reasons, some women are afraid to train with weights — but PT and fitness model Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson is here to explain why women in particular should be weight training for their fitness goals. #HammerStrengthAu
06 February at 10:26
This is the place where it happens. Let's go. #HammerStrengthAu