Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
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NOW AVAILABLE: Hammer Strength's new Gym Bar—the ideal solution for all your facility's Olympic Stations. See the full selection of more than a dozen American-made, precision-quality #HammerStrength bars here: Stay tuned—more new equipment and accessories coming soon.
4 hours ago
Daydreaming about a vacation this Monday? Did you know that Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Triumph has a health and wellness facility equipped with #LifeFitness? Get a full-body workout at sea.
7 hours ago
We're proud to partner with the Fitness Professionals Global Summit to bring you 5 days of fitness presentations from 15 world-class leaders. This free online summit starts today, February 8th, but you still have time to register. Learn more:
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A look inside the Carolina Panthers weight room, where they've been training on #HammerStrength this season. Wishing both teams well in today's big game. #SB50
3 days ago
Did you know that heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year? That's more than all cancers combined. Today Life Fitness employees participated in #NationalWearRedDay to support and raise awareness about the fight against heart disease in women.
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HD Elite is ready when you are. #HammerStrength
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NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis—it's the way you burn calories when you're not working out. Here are some of the easiest ways to boost your NEAT, and go for those extra 2,000 burnable daily calories.
5 days ago
The Alabama A&M University Bulldogs are all set and ready to go! #HammerStrength
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If you're a fan of outdoor workouts, the winter months can be especially trying. These tips will be useful whether you have a gym membership or not.
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We’ve partnered with SFIA and PHIT America to help #PassThePHITAct. Help us make physical activity more affordable for all Americans by visiting and telling congress that they need to help!
02 February at 05:07
Are you making any of these mistakes when you use fitness equipment? Life Fitness equipment was featured this morning on KTLA 5 Morning News with Dr. Hooman Melamed—a board-certified spine surgeon. Watch now as he teaches you the proper form for an effective-yet-safe workout:
02 February at 02:18 1
Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you can't create a designated at-home workout area. Consider a folding treadmill—you can easily stow it away after your workout. See our selection of folding treadmills here:
02 February at 02:03 1
Our 2016 #HammerStrength Clinics are officially underway. Find a Clinic in your area and register today:
01 February at 08:45
It takes effort and dedication to stick with your fitness routine when the scale budges less frequently and less dramatically. The key is to keep your body and mind engaged by adding variety to your workouts.
31 January at 01:00 1
Heading to brunch this weekend? Enjoy with zero guilt, because it's a-OK to have a cheat day. Learn more:
30 January at 03:49 2
Another custom weight room—this time at Rhodes College. Thank you, Rhodes College Athletics, for trusting in #HammerStrength.
29 January at 01:50
Yesterday we asked our Twitter followers to tell us what their focus area was-- looks like most earned a rest day, which is definitely necessary to acknowledge. What were you working on yesterday? #HammerStrength
27 January at 07:03 11
The Calvert Hall College Cardinals started 2016 with a brand new, customized weight room. We love this clean, open layout. #HammerStrength
27 January at 02:03
What a great share - thanks, Cascade Club. Everyone: Stay tuned for new accessories coming soon from #HammerStrength.
23 January at 01:24
HOUSTON: Join us at Deer Park High School on January 23 for our first Hammer Strength Clinic of the 2016 season. Strengthen your program with tips and pointers from some of the best coaches in the country. Will we see you there? Learn more here: #HammerStrength