Pro Active Rubber Dumbbells

  • Solid steel head, pressed and welded to a chrome handle.
  • Rubber coating.
  • Weight indicators permanently moulded into the heads.
  • 2.5kg – 50kg (2.5kg increments)


  • PAR025-PAR500


  • PAR2.5-25 – 10 Pair Dumbbell Set 2.5-25kg (2.5Kg Increments)
  • PAR12.5-35 – 10 Pair Dumbbell Set 12.5-35kg (2.5Kg Increments)
  • PAR27.5-50 – 10 Pair Dumbbell Set 27.5-50kg (2.5Kg Increments)
  • PAR12.5-40 – 10 Pair Dumbbell Set 12.5-40kg (2.5Kg Increments)
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