Optional Connection to LFconnect

Connect your Integrity cardio equipment to, which provides important information about equipment usage.

Easy Internal Access

Multiple modular panels make maintenance easy, and an interior protective panel shields internal components from liquids

Thumb Controls

Start/stop and speed controls on the handgrips make it easy to adjust intensity without disrupting the workout.

MaxBlox™ Steps

205” of usable step space, and anti toe-pinch design for extremely secure footing


  • SURE STEP SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY – Motor-driven system allows for a wide range of speeds that includes a slow start-up mode and the highest speeds in the industry for high-intensity interval training. Speed changes are smooth and responsive.
  • SEAMLESS COMPATIBILITY WITH iPod® AND iPhone® – Connecting an iPod or phone to the console charges the device and provides great motivation to the exerciser through music and, when an attachableTV is available, video.
  • INTEGRATED ENTERTAINMENT CONTROLS – Newly integrated controls allow exercisers to skip songs, adjust the volume and change television channels right from the console.
  • SPACE AND STABILITY – The largest usable step space in the fitness industry provides secure footing at any speed.
  • HEART RATE MONITORING – LifepulseTM digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the handlebars to provide precise heart rate monitoring, and Polar® telemetry provides accurate, “hands-free” heart rate monitoring. (Telemetry requires optional chest strap.)
  • MOTIVATING WORKOUT VARIETY – ZoneTraining+TM workouts automatically adjust the speed to keep users in their target heart rate zone. Goal-based workouts and interval workouts keep users motivated.
  • MAINTENANCE MADE EASY – Multiple modular panels provide service personnel with quick access to internal components.

Unit Weight

Step-up height

Ceiling Height Minimum


  • Classic Workouts: Random, Manual, Quick Start, Speed Interval
  • Zone Training+TM Heart Rate Workouts: Cardio, Fat Burn, Heart Rate Hill, Heart Rate Interval, Extreme Heart Rate
  • Interval Workouts: Around the World, Cascades, Foothills, Interval, Kilimanjaro
  • Goal Workouts: Watts, METs, Calories, Distance, Time in Zone
  • Custom Workouts
  • Fitness Test Protocols: Fit Test, CPAT Test
  • Customized Cool Down



PowerMill Overview


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PowerMill Stepping Techniques

Stepping Techniques

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PowerMill Group Training

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PowerMill Group Training

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