Product Features

  • Product Dimensions:
    • (142 cm L x 140 cm W x 213 cm H)
    • – 228 cm of cable accommodates full body movements
  • Ergonomic pull-up bar with neutral, chin-up, and pull-up grip positions
  • Optimized weight stack position minimises product width without sacrificing function
  • Included:
    • Long adjustable handles, pair (x1)
    • Ankle strap (x1)
    • Triceps rope (x1)


Approachable Designs for Novice Lifters

Offers approachable good looks inspired by the latest in interior design.

Durable Construction

Durable design utilizes the parts that have proven so reliable in Life Fitness equipment around the world.

Minimal Adjustments

Minimal adjustments mean exercisers can complete their workouts efficiently and quickly.

Simple Graphic Cards

Graphic placards identify adjustment points and correct setup, reducing potential intimidation.

Easy Adjustments

Weight stacks are located close to the exerciser, enhancing comfort.

Full Protective Shrouds

Full shrouds protect the weight stack system from everyday debris.


143cm x 139cm x 213cm

Unit Weight

318 kg

Weight Stack

Standard: 2 x 165lb (2 x 75kg)
Resistance Ratio: 1:2

Live Area

277cm x 467cm x 259cm

Effective User Resistance

2 x 40 kg





Optima Series Overview

The Optima Series offers durable, space-saving equipment that is a comfortable, intuitive and affordable choice for any gym -- large or small.

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