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Iso-Lateral Chest/Back (ILCB)

Combination machine allows real push/pull exercise for the chest and back. Ideal solution for the...

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Iso-Lateral D.Y. Row (ILDRW)

Underhand grip position combined with overhead pivot dictates a natural arc of movement around sh...

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Iso-Lateral Decline Press (ILCDP)

Upright user positioning is appropriate for all users. Iso-Lateral motion allows for equal streng...

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Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown (ILPD)

Underhand grip dictates a natural path of motion ideal for training the Latissimus Dorsi. Additio...

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Iso-Lateral High Row (ILHR)

Path of motion is opposite of the Incline Press. Unique path of motion is difficult to replicate ...

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Iso-Lateral Incline Press (ILIP)

Horizontal grip simulates a more traditional bench press. Iso-Lateral motion allows for equal str...

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