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Iso-Lateral Decline Press (ILCDP)

Upright user positioning is appropriate for all users. Iso-Lateral motion allows for equal streng...

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Iso-Lateral Front Lat Pulldown (ILPD)

Underhand grip dictates a natural path of motion ideal for training the Latissimus Dorsi. Additio...

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Iso-Lateral High Row (ILHR)

Path of motion is opposite of the Incline Press. Unique path of motion is difficult to replicate ...

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Iso-Lateral Incline Press (ILIP)

Horizontal grip simulates a more traditional bench press. Iso-Lateral motion allows for equal str...

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Pre-Owned Pro2SE Shoulder Press

Everyone will appreciate what this tough equipment, smart biomechanics and reliable features can ...


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Iso-Lateral Low Row (ILLR)

Path of motion is opposite of the Iso-Lateral Decline Press allowing for real push/pull exercise....

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Iso-Lateral Rowing (ILROW)

Compact, low-profile design Multiple grips allow different options for exercise variety Additiona...

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Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press (ILSP)

Back pad is angled 40 degrees for better stabilization during heavy lifts and helps discourage hy...

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