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Jammer (GBJ)

Very conducive to explosive or transfer training. Ideal training tool for the athletic market. Fe...

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Iso-Lateral Chest/Back (ILCB)

Combination machine allows real push/pull exercise for the chest and back. Ideal solution for the...

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Linear Leg Press (HSLLP)

Easy-to-use flip-in, flip-out mechanism. Linear bearings create a smooth feel and function. Polye...

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Iso-Lateral Leg Curl (ILLC)

Standard range limiter allows for limitation of either the start or end of range of motion. Iso-L...

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Iso-Lateral Leg Extension (ILLE)

Iso-Lateral version of the PLLE allows independent leg training for equal strength development. T...

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Seated Calf Raise (PLCALF)

Machine design emphasizes the Soleus muscle. Thigh pad restraint adjusts to accommodate different...

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