Life Fitness is moving your facility to the forefront of technology with LFopen™.

LFopen lets facilities differentiate their brand and meet the technology demands of their customers. As the first truly open platform in the fitness industry, LFopen gives developers the freedom to create interactive workout solutions, including applications and websites, that interact with your facility’s Life Fitness open platform products. LFopen gives your facility endless possibilities to make your brand unique and give your exercisers a truly personalized workout experience.

Life Fitness invites you to take advantage of the infinite possibilities to build an engaging and interactive exercise experience through LFopen.


Facility Owners

Create An Engaging Workout

With LFopen, your facility gives exercisers the ultimate freedom to experience more engaging and personalized workouts, while also differentiating your facility’s brand. LFopen allows exercisers to connect their favorite apps on iOS or Android devices to your cardio equipment. With open platform products, you can also develop apps, devices or websites specific to your facility, such as rewards programs, so you can better differentiate your brand.

Better Retention

By using LFopen platform products, facilities can keep the exerciser in the gym, while also enhancing their own brand through customized apps. If exercisers know their favorite apps will work with the equipment in a facility, they will be more inclined to stay loyal to that facility. Facilities will also increase their chances to attract new customers.

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Flexibility and Adaptability

Open platform products let your facility stay on the cutting edge, because they easily adapt to rapidly changing technology. LFopen also allows facilities to combine multiple management solutions into one seamless system through the LFconnect website, which provides support for facilities to better track equipment remotely or onsite.


It’s Your Choice

LFopen lets you workout the way you want by offering a wide selection of apps and facility-specific programs for your mobile devices. The open platform gives you limitless opportunities to choose specific workouts on your Apple® or Android® device to connect with Life Fitness equipment, so you can experience the ultimate personalized workout.


Apps Keep Exercisers Engaged and On Track

The LFopen™ platform makes it possible for popular third-party solutions to interact directly with LFopen Platform Products like Discover Tablet Consoles and the Track+ Console. A growing list of compatible solutions keep exercisers engaged and helps them reach their fitness goals. Learn how these apps work, and whether they are compatible with Apple®, Android™ or both. 


How Collaborative Development Will Change the Workout Experience

The fitness industry has been changed forever by the technology revolution, with businesses and exercisers adapting their behavior to support digital life. Life Fitness President Chris Clawson explores the top fitness technology trends and explains what the term “open” means and how it will affect your business, both for the facility owner and the developer.



LFopen Developer Portal

Create apps for iOS and Android , or leverage the LFconnect website API and reach exercisers worldwide. A free developer account provides access to Life Fitness equipment API documentation. See more at

Compatible Products

APIs are compatible with the Elevation Series with  Discover SE and SI Tablet Consoles and Elevation Series Engage Console, Consumer Track Console and LFconnect website.

Discover SE

Discover SI

Track Console

LFConnect Website

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