The LFconnect™ website is the leading cloud technology solution for facilities and exercisers seeking the ultimate customized workout experience. Facilities can better attract and retain exercisers, while also differentiating their brand, by customizing their products through the LFconnect website’s convenient platform. LFconnect technology also lets facilities streamline asset management into one efficient website. Exercisers can access the LFconnect website at home to create personalized workouts; use at the facility or on the go with the LFconnect app to track workouts and reach fitness goals . Meet your customers’ demands and set your facility apart from the competition with the LFconnect website and app.

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Customise Equipment

Facilities can differentiate their brand with the infinite customization choices of the LFconnect website. Customize consoles with your logos, messages and background, or promote custom-made workouts so exercisers are exposed to fresh and unique workouts they can’t get anywhere else. Customization options allow facilities to build brand loyalty and better attract and retain exercisers by offering them the ultimate  personalized workout.

Home Screens

Add branding and messaging to Discover Tablet Consoles. Create a custom greeting to promote facility news, events, classes or even incentives to your members. Add your own background image and logo.


Name TV channels to make them easy to find by exercisers. Create custom website quick links to help promote your facility or other sites.


Create and highlight custom workouts for exercisers to choose from. Leverage your personal trainers to create exclusive workouts that are only available on your facility’s equipment. You can add up to nine custom workouts, including hills, intervals and calorie-burning challenges.

Asset Management


Control Equipment

Facilities can conveniently manage the configuration settings for multiple pieces of equipment from a single device with the LFconnect platform. Managers can decide when their workout equipment wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep in the evening. They can even control settings like user language and determine the maximum workout duration during peak hours. These are just a few of the many options offered by the LFconnect website. Also, all software updates for products can be completed simultaneously from the website, removing the need to manually update via USB.


Streamline Asset Management

Monitor equipment usage either remotely or on-site, through LFconnect’s seamless website. Viewing peak exercise times and learning what pieces of equipment are being used the most makes it easier to rotate equipment, which reduces equipment downtime.

Connect Your Entire Cardio Portfolio

The Connect Module™ allows a facility to gather consistent usage data from all Life Fitness cardio products, including  Integrity and  Activate Series. Detailed asset management helps to prolong the life of equipment and provides valuable information about the day-to-day habits of exercisers. 

Life Fitness is the only manufacturer to provide a connectivity solution across all of its cardio lines.

Maximize your Investment

Asset management data can help guide business decisions and maximize ROI. Usage information shows when the facility is the busiest, which can ensure proper staffing. 

Engagement for Exercisers

The LFconnect™ app connects you to your members. Exercisers use the app to track workouts on Integrity cardio equipment with the Connect Module. Available on Integrity Series only.

Exercise Your Way

The LFconnect website’s personalization features let your exercisers enjoy total control of their workout experience. With an LFconnect account, users create and personalize their workouts by duration, level and speed. They can easily access their personal settings in your facility by logging on to Discover consoles with a user name and password or through the LFconnect app on their Android™ or Apple® device, pin ID* or facility RFID* badge on Discover consoles. *Only for consoles connected to the Internet. 

Display Settings



Select from 17 statistics to see on the equipment display, such as calories, pace, time remaining or heart rate.
Preset level, incline, speed and duration. Select your own heart rate targets or interval levels to meet your goals. Your personal trainer can also suggest various workouts for you and track your progress.
Create a personalized web experience. Bookmark your most visited websites so you can read the latest news or check email.

Manage Workouts

The LFconnect website has several features that help you monitor and maintain your workout progress.


Track Results


The Workout Library stores all the workouts that you create or are sent to you from your Buddies. Easily save or share your workouts with a friend or personal trainer.
Keep your overall workout results in one centralized location. Input and view data for indoor and outdoor workouts, including average heart rate, average speed, distance climbed and total calories.
Never miss a workout. Assign and schedule workouts from your Workout Library to the LFconnect website calendar or export the days you have a workout scheduled to an external calendar like Google, iCalendar, Outlook or Yahoo.

Be Social

Grow your fitness support system through My Community. Engage with Buddies, personal trainers and friends. Share workouts, send personal messages of encouragement or coordinate workout groups. Connect with people who will inspire and motivate you to meet your goals.

Download the LFconnect App

Experience the industry’s first fitness manufacturer app compatible with both Apple and Android. The LFconnect app lets exercisers access and track custom workouts created on Download the app here.

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Facility Owner Features*

Asset Management: Product usage statistics Software updates Equipment Customization: Custom workouts by facility and trainer Home screen logo and message customization Product settings specific to your facility needs Entertainment Customization: Internet presets TV channel editing

Exerciser Features*

Product Personalization: Display and workout settings Internet favorites Pin entry Social interaction with peers and personal trainers Workout Creation: Workout calendar Workout customization Workout Library Workout Tracking: Track and share progress
All features are iPhone and Android compatible. *LFconnect on-console features are compatible with the Elevation Series Discover SE and SI Tablet Consoles when connected to the Internet. Internet connectivity is recommended for optimal facility owner and exerciser experience.