The LFconnect™ app allows Apple® and Android™ devices to interact with compatible Life Fitness cardio and strength equipment. It tracks workouts, lets exercisers access personalized workouts, provides motivation, and serves as an in-workout display on cardio equipment.

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Integrate with Equipment

An exerciser is instantly recognized when they connect to a Discover or Engage console with the LFconnect app on an Apple or Android device. This provides real-time tracking and gives exercisers immediate access to personalized workouts created at Factors like speed (treadmill only) and incline/resistance, chosen during workout creation, automatically adjust on the treadmill during a custom workout.

In-Workout Display

A smartphone can be used as a secondary display for workout feedback so that exercisers can use Life Fitness console screens solely for entertainment. When the device is switched to landscape view the LFconnect app automatically switches to an in-workout display that includes three distinct dials that show workout duration, speed and the user’s choice of heart rate, duration, distance, incline/level, distance climbed, Watts or calories.

LFcodes: Strength Tracking

Exercisers can track strength workouts with the LFconnect app simply by scanning the QR code or “bumping” the NFC-enabled LFcode with a smartphone. Each LFcode decal is affixed to a specific Signature Series Single Station and when scanned provides:
  • Accurate calorie calculation based on user’s weight, workout duration and intensity level
  • Recommended machine set-up based on details about the exerciser
  • Convenient tracking of sets, repetitions and weight amounts
  • An instructional video, which shows the correct way to the use the machine

Purchase LFcodes on the Parts Website for your existing Signature Series Single Stations.

Weekly Workout Goals

Exercisers can set and monitor weekly goals for calories burned. The calorie meter fills up as the user gets closer to their goal.


Users can track outdoor runs, walks or bike rides with the GPS on an Apple or Android device. Calories burned, time, and distance all upload to and the app’s results page after the workout is over.

Manual Entry

Exercisers can track both cardio and strength workout results manually. This lets users track their progress when not connected to compatible equipment.

Syncs with

The LFconnect app automatically syncs to the LFconnect website, so exercisers can see their total workout progress in an easy-to-read chart. Exercisers can also create custom workouts online before accessing them on their app when connected to compatible consoles.

Compatible Products

A green icon appears on the app home screen when a user is connected to a compatible Life Fitness product. When there’s no connection an amber icon appears and helps exercisers determine why.

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