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Motivate Members with Group Training

The camaraderie and teamwork of group training and HIIT encourages exercisers with results.

SYNRGY360™ give exercisers of all fitness levels the opportunity to experience the thrill of inspiration.

Make Every Experience Memorable

Nearly limitless customisation options and the latest in technology give any facility the power to inspire. Insignia Series selectorised strength equipment skillfully blends art and functionality, and choices in cardio equipmentthe engaging entertainment of Discover Consoles or the sleek and intuitive Explore Consoles—appeal to all exercisers.

Challenge Your Exercisers

Rugged Hammer Strength performance strength equipment inspires the drive to improve and the belief that “good enough” is never good enough. See how to build vibrant small group training and HIIT around HD Elite racks.

Hammer Strength equipment is ideal for those members who are willing to put in the extra work.


Our cardio equipment makes reaching fitness goals easier than ever. Each line is ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum efficiency. They include features designed to intesify every workout. Users are able to maintain individual levels of engagement, entertainment and most importantly, motivation. Explore cardio ›


Life Fitness has developed more choices for strength training than anyone else. Every piece of equipment combines the best in research, biomechanics and ergonomic design. Thousands of professional sports organisations worldwide rely on Life Fitness for their strength training requirements. Our heavy-duty assortment includes unique group training options; advanced cable motion machines, plate-loaded stations, and rugged free weight racks for experienced users; and beginner-approved fixed-motion machines with simple push-button weight selection. Explore Strength ›