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To promote health and fitness education for users and professionals, Life Fitness has a unique training facility called Life Fitness Academy. The Academy enables you to make your investment in equipment work better for you.

Your team will be encouraged to understand the key features and benefits of your fitness equipment, how to best instruct your members for improved exercise prescription and how to prevent servicing needs. Whether it is one of our treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer, spin bike, home gym or any of our exercise equipment, we can offer you professional advice.

How will Life Fitness product training benefit your club?


Through the ongoing support of Product Training and Staff Education, we improve management's and club owners' return on their investment in commercial fitness equipment. In addition, with the introduction of additional staff training and education, management can tailor the focus of staff education to meet the demands and primary focus of the club. Knowing your products back to front presents a professional and knowledgeable face to the public and helps members thanks to a greater understanding of the specific training equipment they are using.


Trainers are able to increase their knowledge within the industry and of our range of fitness equipment via ongoing workshops and seminars offered by Life Fitness. Through professional growth, trainers gain a greater level of understanding for fitness equipment utilisation and therefore improved programming and role satisfaction.


A greater level of programming and motivation, combined with your trainers' ability to share their knowledge of the workings of your fitness equipment, means your members are more likely to achieve the results they desire. With improved results comes the greater likelihood of member satisfaction.

Staff and Member Retention/Referral

When staff and members are empowered, love using your fitness equipment and are gaining satisfaction through their achievements, not only are they more likely to remain loyal to the club but they are more likely to tell family and friends about their success. This potentially means increased retention of current members along with the referral of new members, not to mention a decrease in staff turnover.


“The Southern Cross University is very happy with the whole Life Fitness experience. We upgraded our facility with Hammer, Life Fitness and Keiser fitness equipment, which was a huge investment, and the staff training from your Academy was a real value-add. When we were offered the training my first thoughts were, 'we are a University, we know gyms, we can work it out'. Wow, was I surprised. I have been in this industry for over 25 years and I felt like I was taken back to school. I learnt so much about cardio, strength and indoor cycling from your team Adele, and the feedback from my staff was the same.
We had just recruited a new team of staff and we were about to open and do tours. By the time you left us my staff were so revved up and full of confidence that we went on to have a record-breaking opening month. Your presentation style is relaxed yet inspiring, informative and by no means overbearing or aggressive. It wasn't just the technical aspect of how, it was more about the why. It was a pleasure to spend the time in your company and look forward to a continuing working relationship in the future.”
Richard Campbell BHMS GYM Manager
Southern Cross University
Lismore, NSW

“Thanks for an absolutely awesome day. We learnt so much. It's great having people like you in the industry who are passionate about their work."
Tony Furci - Ascot Vale Leisure Centre”
Tony Furci - Ascot Vale Leisure Centre

“The workshop was fabulous. I can't wait to teach Hot Cycle Classes. Course material is informative - presentation excellent! It's nice and relaxed, no pressure. Adele gets the most out of people, which is an amazing quality to have. I will recommend this course to my friends and clients." Margie - Vibes Fitness Consulting”
Margie - Vibes Fitness Consulting

Life Fitness ongoing training and support means we are more than just a provider of commercial fitness equipment. When you purchase our fitness equipment you are buying a commitment from us to continue to work with you to train and educate your staff in the workings and benefits of our fitness equipment. In turn, your staff will pass on this knowledge to members, empowering both and making your gym an enjoyable and inspiring environment for staff and members alike. Select Life Fitness for all your fitness equipment and gym equipment needs. Contact us toll free Australia wide on 1800689622 or send us an online enquiry.

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