Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
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It's nice to see one of the best college football players in the country giving back and helping others. Stanford Football benefits from Christian McCaffrey both on and off the field.
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Here's your Friday Workout: 500m Row as fast as possible ‍♀️ 175 Watts @ 100 RPM for 5 mins Cross Trainer Intervals @ L14 for 10 mins. x 2 Rounds #HIIT #Cardio #LifeFitness #Sweat #fridayfitness - Workout from our #LFATotM #LFATotM @strength_motion
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Hammer Strength helps to outfit LSU's state-of-the-art facility. Geaux Tigers! (Photos courtesy of Chris Parent/LSU Athletic Department)
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Looking for a bike workout? Our #LFAToTM, Rachel, shares her Lifecycle Intervals routine. Added Bonus: A tip on what RPM measures for better understanding of how your machine is working for you!
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The football weight room for the Miami Hurricanes
5 days ago 2
Building Champions at Miami Hurricanes Football with some new steel. Looks great and ready for focused athletes prepared to put in the work. Nice pic by Lon Record
03 September at 00:35 16
Fitness is art. Art by #stefanthelen - Netherlands, Racketcentrum Kapelle
02 September at 09:22 21
It's the beginning of September, which means we're excited to introduce our next Life Fitness Academy (LFA) Trainer of the Month! Rachel Glew is from Letchworth Garden City, England and is going to be sharing custom workouts, fitness tips, and more this month. Get to know more about Rachel >>> Don't forget to check back later this month for more updates! #LFAToTM
01 September at 08:36 16
Life Fitness is pleased to announce that Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) has joined our family of brands. With this new line of indoor cycling bikes, we’ll expand our group training offering to provide a full portfolio of options for our customers.
01 September at 00:08 4
Where readiness is the key to survival, #LifeFitness provides the solutions to give first responders tactical strength and conditioning. Learn more about the solutions we provide:
31 August at 10:51 3
Here's a cross training workout to add to your routine to keep it fast-moving and interesting. Our Life Fitness Academy Trainer of the Month Jason says that not taking breaks between sets keeps the workout challenging. #LFAToTM
31 August at 00:02 3
Why snacking doesn't need to sabotage weight loss, and other useful tips to help you stay on track.
29 August at 23:55 3
Summer is winding down. Get your outdoor workouts in while you can! #SYNRGY #SYNRGYBluSky #LifeFitness
27 August at 01:23 7
Looking for a pre-workout pump? Skip the expensive energy drinks and reach for a classic cup of coffee.
26 August at 01:12 4
#TBT Did you know that the 500,000th Lifecycle exercise bike was produced in 2001? How far we’ve come!
12 August at 06:06 1
Such a cool shot via @power.and.streetlifting using #Prisma || #HammerStrength #deadlift
06 August at 00:34 7
What an amazing sight! Thank you LSU Football for trusting in #HammerStrength. Very proud to be a part of your training journey. || photo: @lonrecord
04 August at 07:10 2
Who's up for a #HammerStrength training session? || photo: @sfmaks
03 August at 06:17 1
New #HammerStrength equipment at @litchfieldathleticclub, ready to be put to good use || photo: @litchfieldathleticclub
30 July at 02:42 1
#HammerStrength install for University of Puget Sound Loggers is complete! Here's a look at the facility.