Discover Your Workouts
Discover Your Workouts
29 September at 06:22
Kettlebells combine cardio and dumbbells into one intense workout. Watch our #StartStop video on the KB Snatch Double-Arm for a new addition to your routine:
29 September at 06:21
Congrats to the Hammer Strength and Life Fitness Benelux team on completing the Netherlands Mud Masters race! Work hard together, play hard together.
29 September at 05:37
Want an exciting workout environment? Synrgy360 provides a groundbreaking group training system designed to create memorable experiences for all exercisers.
26 September at 02:05 2
Combo racks can make a dynamic addition to any space, and keep performance training regimens flexible and versatile. #VisualizeYourSpace
26 September at 00:05 3
Doing some serious running this weekend? Don’t forget to do this after crossing the finish line:
24 September at 02:05
If you’re looking for a dynamic leg workout, check out our #StartStop video on the Bulgarian Squat:
24 September at 00:00 3
Lifescape Courses allow you to take a run through exotic locales, all from the comfort of your local gym:
23 September at 10:40 1
We commend the runner in you, Mirna. Congrats on all the miles you've gone and all you have yet to conquer!
23 September at 06:00
A new study might have the answer on why we slow down as we age (and how to fight it):
22 September at 06:00
Train for explosiveness and maximize athletic potential with the Ground Base Jammer. #BeTheHardestWorker
22 September at 04:50 1
Looking for a unique at-home workout? Jump on the Row GX Trainer for a realistic rowing experience and total-body cardio workout:
19 September at 08:05 4
Germany is gearing up for #Rio2016. Check out their Olympic Training Facility in Stuttgart – outfitted with Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment.
19 September at 06:15 3
Germany is training with Synrgy BlueSky in preparation for the Rio Olympics. Check out the new installation in their Strength Competence Center at the Stuttgart Olympic Training Facility! #Rio2016
19 September at 02:05 2
Going from burpees to box jumps can be part of a strong, High Intensity Interval Training workout. Watch the first in a series of our #StartStop videos for proper form:
17 September at 02:00 3
Football season is officially here. #VisualizeYourSpace with upgraded benches and racks to help your team maximize workouts.
17 September at 00:00 3
If you’re feeling the week’s workouts so far, our friends at Ace Fitness advise foam rolling for warm-up and cool-down:
15 September at 06:58 2
For those just getting started, the Hammer Strength Select equipment line is great for novice workouts as well as heavy-duty regimens:
15 September at 05:40 3
The Platinum Club Series FlexStrider brings low-impact, total-body workouts to at-home exercisers:
12 September at 00:05 5
Looking for a total-body cardio workout option to add to your routine this weekend? Hit the Row GX Trainer:
03 September at 02:05 2
Getting hurt can put a detour on any good workout regime. Avoid knee injuries with these tips from Muscle & Fitness: